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Moving is cited as one of the most stressful times of a person's life, so it is important to choose an agent who will listen, guide, and ensure that you achieve your goals. View our tips on Moving to Seattle for more info. Call (425) 623-3958 and let us know how we can help.

There are many reasons why people move, the vast majority falling under one of the following categories:



Moving from a rental into a home of their own, starting on the property ladder. We can refer to several great lenders too if you need assistance.


New Job/Location

One of the most common reasons to move, be it in-state, out of state, or international. Or perhaps the commute is too long, and it’s time for a better work-life balance.



Doesn’t always mean downsizing. It’s finding what’s right for you and your family. Does your current home meet those needs? Does the open-plan you once loved still appeal, do you utilize all of the rooms you have? Is the yard now too big to manage or are you thinking of getting a pet and need a larger yard? The kids are now teenagers, and need a space to hang out in a den or basement perhaps? Are you physically able to maintain your home size?


Change In Family Circumstances

Caring for an elder who now requires a bedroom on the main floor, or the kids are off to college. Relationship changes, marriage, or divorce.


Home Value

Is it time to cash in on the equity available in the home? Will you be able to afford to make the change later as prices are increasing?


Change Of Area/Neighborhood

What once appealed now doesn’t, is the neighborhood in decline or maybe you’re keen to try something new and have different needs. Perhaps a specific school district is wanted. Maybe friends or neighbors have moved away and it’s time for a change.

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